Success On My 1st Day Back At Work?

I'm on a journey to find fulfillment in my career. A YouTuber I found, Matthew Santoro, summed up my quest nicely. He said, "I'm not reaching my full potential. I'm not doing anything extraordinary right now. And I want to do that." The process has been humbling and exciting, since it requires a honest assessment of my successes, failures, strengths and limitations.

I'm positive my next path will reveal itself. Until then, I have a job to excel at and value that I need to continue to demonstrate. Admittedly, from a career perspective, 2016 was a challenging year. Regardless, I am a professional, and pledge to start 2017 with a fresh plan of attack. I had the following goals for my 1st day back after the holidays:

1. Get up early. FAIL. I woke up late.

2. Work out. PASS/FAIL. I did not have time for a morning work out, but had an evening session with my 70lb boxing bag.

3. Have breakfast. EPIC FAIL. There was no time for a homemade breakfast, so I had to pay for a fruit platter at Starbucks.

4. Complete much needed sun therapy (I detest winter). FAIL. This one hurt, since I woke up to grey skies and rain bouncing off the window.

5. Document my initial goals and priorities. PASS. My goals for the next 90 days are on my office whiteboard.

6. Publish this post. PASS/FAIL. You can tell by the publish date that I missed my deadline. But, I got it done.

7. Continue reading Designing Your Life, by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. PASS.

Its true, I had several FAILS. And I could easily make excuses to justify them. I was off 12 days. I went to bed at 3AM when I was off, and could not sleep the night before work. But, these days, I prefer the honest, positive route. I set 7 goals and completed 3. Yes, there is room for improvement, but that is the fab thing about holding yourself accountable. I know what I have to do, and I'm committed to do it. Today was better than yesterday. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

How was your 1st day back? Tell me below!