Passive Aggressive On Personal Brand

At work today, I heard feedback about my personal brand. I was told that an unknown colleague/co-worker/unaffiliated person mentioned negative feedback about me. For those of you unfamiliar, personal brand in a corporate setting equates to your perception within the organization. It’s the tea shared (that is what the kids call it) when you are not in the room.

10 Things I'm Grateful For (During Winter)

I'm not one to fast forward through life, but if it were possible, I would skip to Spring. Winter is a difficult time for me. I struggle with seasonal depression and live on the east coast where winters are brutal. Managing complete darkness at 5 pm, bitterly cold mornings and dogs with pent-up energy can be difficult.

Money = Privacy

What does money provide?

How would you answer this question?

My answer came as I sat on a coach bus, on the way to Monterey and Carmel Beach. I traveled to San Francisco for a Brand Innovation Summit, #BrandStrat17, and my wife and I baked in a mini vacation. I've visited California before and wanted to explore its natural beauty this time around.