3 Things I Will Do For My Next Gig

I'm preparing for my next path, even though it has yet to reveal itself. I'm developing goals now, so I can hit the ground running, when the opportunity arises. Key lessons I've learned from my career, is the importance of building healthy habits, confidently articulating points of view, and developing relationships, steeped in trust. Thus, I have outlined 3 things I will do for my next gig:

1. Create a schedule and stick to it. Before we begin, its important to note that my ideal scenario is to have a flexible/remote gig. I will adapt if necessary, but I'm hopeful it will happen. That being said, I'm not a morning person. I've read countless blogs about the importance of starting bright and early. But, its not for me. Mid morning to mid evening are my most productive hours. So, if core work hours are 9:30am to 6pm, my schedule will look like this:

7:30am - Wake up and proclaim 3 things I'm grateful for. I started my gratitude push recently, and it focuses my mind to tackle the day and make it count.

7:40am - Spend time with my dogs. Which includes more than tending to their basic needs. I'm usually so rushed in the morning , that I don't have time to enjoy Bandit and Hailey. Both dogs are older and Bandit has health issues. I want to take them for walks and play with them as much as possible. Few things last forever, and regrets are painful.

8:00am - Make breakfast for my love and I. If I'm lucky today, I may have time to inhale an english muffin. We should be eating healthier food that will keep us going throughout the day.

8:20 - Check email - I don't like being caught off guard. Nuff said.

8:30 - Get dressed for work - Its important I look presentable, even in my home office. It will help me get into "work mode". But, I'll get to wear jeans and not my typical button down/slacks combo!

9:00 - Get it done. Make coffee, turn on music and conquer my To Do list.

11:30 - Gym break - Knock out stress by punching the hell out of my 70lb heavy bag.

The rest of the day will be spent demonstrating value, while taking the occasional break to soak up Vitamin D.

2. Identify quick wins and nail them. What challenge keeps my boss up at night? Can I help my colleagues brainstorm ideas for an ongoing problem? Of course, I have to excel within my role, to build credibility. But, solving a challenge outside of a job description, demonstrates commitment to something greater than one's self . Caring only about what you are paid to care about, limits impact. I'm going to identify these opportunities and knock them out of the park.

3. Observe the dynamics of the organization and its people. Every organization has its own approach to work. For example, is the culture collaborative or winner take all? Who makes the final decision? In other words, as a good friend said to me, who writes the check? Do employees burn the midnight oil, or are personal passions respected? And last but not least, who do I need to impress? The quicker I answer these questions, the sooner I will flourish in the environment.

What else should I do to prepare for my next gig? Comment below!