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Interviews vs. Deal Breakers

Interviews vs. Deal Breakers



Story time is upon us, ladies and gentlemen.

I've spent 18 months identifying my ideal work scenario. The work scenario I will flourish in. Its a simple equation. Organizational Impact + Flexibility = Fulfillment. Add in a role that includes storytelling/content creation, and you are cooking with gas.

As expected, finding a path that aligns with my philosophy is not an easy task. I thought I was prepared for the frustration that arises when searching for a needle in a haystack. And like an unannounced guest, those frustrating, demoralizing days came, and set up shop.

Imagine my excitement when a path finally revealed itself! A path that on the surface, aligned with me. An impactful position with communication responsibilities, for a remote friendly organization. When a recruiter reached out to discuss my application, I was excited. I responded by outlining times I was available to chat. Silence. I followed up. The day before the interview, I received confirmation via a hasty note. Red flag # 1

Due diligence of the organization led me to Glassdoor. As I scoured reviews, 3 themes rose to the surface. The organization values flexibility (check), associates are expected to hustle (finally!) and healthcare options are ridiculously poor. Red flag # 2

Side note: Knowing your deal breakers is a key survival technique. Case in point. For the rest of my life, I will need medication to survive. Unless I have no other option, I cannot work for an organization that pays lip service to health/wellness for its associates. Nuff said. Back to the story.

I was lukewarm on the opportunity, but decided to keep an open mind. I prepped for the interview and was ready to knock it out of the park. From my standpoint, I got to 3rd base. I established a rapport with the recruiter and answered the tricky question about transferring skills to new industries, like a pro.

At the end of the conversation, I distinctly remember the recruiter saying, "As a next step, I want you to talk with XX, whom you would report to. You will hear from her on Tuesday." I followed up with a thank you note, emphasizing my eagerness to talk to XX.

Needless to say, Tuesday came and went without a call. Strike 3, I'm out.

I debated following up, but decided against it. Ultimately, the mounting red flags stopped me. Poor healthcare options, and a strong hesitation to enter an industry I have serious reservations about, gave me a feeling I had to acknowledge. I identified deal breakers for a reason. I cannot let my desire for a new path, cloud my judgement.

My foray into new paths landed with a thud. But, I dusted off my interview skills and stayed true to myself. I'm now back in the game, ready for my turn at bat.

Update - I received a thanks, but no thanks email from the recruiter. It seems we both agreed I'm not the right fit.

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