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5 Things That Energize Me

The first stop on my career rejuvenation journey, is self reflection street. My goal is to have a crystal clear idea of what gets me out of bed in the morning. Granted, I have bills to pay, but if the financial incentive is removed, what energizes me? Throughout my career, I've worked in different industries, been exposed to several managerial styles, and excelled (and floundered) in a myriad of roles. Taking stock of my highs and lows, I've come up with 5 Things That Energize Me:

1. Creating Stories - I've always enjoyed storytelling. I'm a classic introvert and use the written word to process emotional events, flesh out opinions and connect with others. I've created content for newspapers, proposals, training materials and blogs. But, I LOVE creating stories for topics near and dear to me. That is one of the reasons I launched Finding Passion At 38. Finding fulfillment in my career is important to me, which I hope, comes through in my content. My writing M.O has been described as amusing and candid, especially when it comes to highly charged topics. Check out, "Top 5 Things You Don't Say To A Lesbian", a post I wrote for a company's intranet, if you don't believe me.

2. Knowing That My Work Has Meaning - Not to toot my own horn, but I've received awards for launching digital platforms on time and on budget. Its a damn near impossible feat, but does not register on my Meaningful Meter. I'm not going to medical school or joining the military, so saving lives is not an option. That does not mean my work cannot be meaningful, I just have to figure out how to do it.

3. Building Something From Scratch - A challenge to conquer, a blank sheet of paper, and the freedom to let my mind wander, is my idea of a productive work day. I've had the opportunity to launch several content platforms and enjoyed both the strategic work and the minute details. The common factor in my most successful projects is being empowered to create something that addresses a tangible problem.

4. Tackling New Skills And Concepts - When I traveled to Argentina in 2013, I soaked up the history, culture and wine of a beautiful country. As a result, I decided to learn to speak Spanish. I wanted to launch my own blog, so I learned HTML from Khan Academy. See the pattern? I'm a challenge seeker who needs a steady supply of intellectual stimulation. In the age of information overload, being bored is not an option.

5. Thriving In My Chosen Environment - What is my chosen environment, you ask? It means no restrictions on when and where I work. My creativity peaks at night and away from buildings with florescent lights. I wrote this post in jeans, next to a space heater and a coffee cup, in my home office. The value of my work matters, not the environment in which its completed.

What energizes you about your career? Comment below!


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