Career On Life Support. Need Change Stat!

Can't Complain Still Livin, But....

Let me start off by saying... I have a good life. So much, in fact, that my daily mantra is "can't complain, still livin!" BTW, you'll find out later in our journey, why still livin is not an assumption I take lightly. I have money in the bank, amazing love in my life and laugh more than I cry. That being said, nagging questions entered my brain this year and refuse to leave.

Why do I not feel fulfilled? What needs to change?
— Me, myself and I

Perhaps events this year are making me reevaluate more than I usually do. I'm a go with the flow type of person, most of the time. But, the questions will not go away. Based on the blog title,  you know I'm 38. So you may be thinking, I'm having a mid-life crisis. I thought the same thing. But, when I dug a bit deeper, I realized the question sets in Sunday night. In other words, my daily gig is now more of a grind.

State of The Gig

My career is a passionate element in my life. Yes, it affords me a healthy living. But more than that, the intellectual stimulation brought on by solving challenges and learning new skills, provides quite the non-medicinal high.

If I'm being 100% honest, my gig no longer does that, and has not for quite some time. I've found ways to bolster my role in the short-term, but I'm looking for a long-term fix. I know even the most exciting career can feel monotonous, but a slow day is quite different from a boring day. Too many boring days = a necessary change. At least that's how I see it.

Challenge, Change and Commitment

I thrive when I accept a new challenge. For example, I challenged myself to travel to all continents and sacrifice time and money to reach my goal. (I'm 4/7 today, check out my travel pics.). I now need a new challenge for the 9-5 time slot. 

My new challenge leads me to you. If my words resonate or you are facing a challenge, lets help each other. Lets use this community to share our stories, discuss tips and hold each other accountable to change our circumstances. My current focus is my career, but change is a necessary, and at times terrifying concept, regardless of what needs to be altered.

I will commit to weekly blogs to check in and fill you in on how I'm doing with my journey. BTW, my name is D. Davis. Glad you stopped by. Make sure you subscribe, so you are notified when the community has its next get together.


D. Davis