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One Voicemail Made Me Ponder My Value

One Voicemail Made Me Ponder My Value

One voicemail and everything stopped.

10 seconds before I was simultaneously:

- Writing an email

- Downloading a template

- Thinking about my lunch options

- Attempting (poorly) to tune out the installation of kitchen cabinets

The notification popped up in my email. My office line picked up the call and notified me once the voicemail was complete. Its one of the handy features I use when I'm working from home.

I recognized the number immediately. It was my Hepatology coordinator. I'm a 12 year liver transplant recipient, this October. That journey is a story for another time. But know, when I see that number, everything stops. Nothing else matters at that moment.

It turns out all is well, but it made me think about my quest for purpose and fulfillment. Why is it so important for my career to have meaning? Why isn't financial security enough? At the end of the day, work keeps a roof over my head, food in my stomach and Netflix on my screen. But for me, its not enough. Is it not enough because I was literally, given a second chance at life? Yes. Undeniably, Yes.

Its important to mention that I do not have a bleak outlook on life. That being said, surviving a significant medical crisis, makes me ponder the type of life I want to live.

The experiences I have, the people I love and the work I contribute, have a profound impact on my life. I'm fortunate to have amazing experiences and be surrounded by love. But, the work component is missing. Yes, my current gig pays the bills and provides the healthcare I need to manage my transplant. I'm grateful for that. But, my contributions have to be valuable. And I define value as helping to propel a cause I'm passionate about. That's why I embarked on my self-reflection journey. Although challenging, I now have clarity around the work I should be doing and whom I should be doing it for.

When my path is revealed, I have high hopes it will bring the fulfillment I seek. Of course bad days are inevitable, but if the value is tangible, it will be well worth it. After all, I have a second chance at life to get it right.


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