Can’t complain, still livin!
Show Gratitude First. Seek Change Second.

Show Gratitude First. Seek Change Second.


I'm striving for two achievements :

1. Incorporate purposeful work into my life

2. Start the transition from a city lifestyle to one closer to mother nature

Progress has been slow on both fronts, which is a source of constant frustration. Once I make a decision, I want to see results! Unfortunately, progress is not automatic because my sense of urgency is high. I cannot entirely control my fate. Motivational speakers would wince at my words and say:

"You control your destiny." 

"Stop complaining and get to work."

But, life is more complicated than your average motivational phrase understands.

When it comes to finding a new gig, I've done the work. However, I cannot control the hiring process. I'm not the only one seeking purposeful work that pays enough to sustain a chosen lifestyle. Transitioning from a city I moved to 16 years ago, also requires planning and luck. I've put the wheels in motion, but cannot seal the deal by myself.

Too often, I feel I'm waiting for my life to change. When this happens, negative thoughts take over. It happened recently. I woke up to a sunny, blue skied, low humidity morning. Instead of being appreciative, my first thought was, "this would be a perfect day at the beach, I wish I lived there." I completely disregarded the beauty of my life TODAY. And as I began my Saturday morning routine,  it became clear how beautiful my life is:

  • I was greeted by my love and the big, brown eyes of our coon hound, Hailey.

  • I gazed at the trees as I made breakfast.

  • I passed a mirror and smiled. The morning workouts are working!

  • I rubbed the ears of my almost 15 year old dog as he gingerly walked around the yard.

  • I drank my favorite coffee and looked up at one of the bluest skies I've seen all summer.

  • I sat down to write and the words flowed effortlessly.

Most importantly, I gave myself an internal scolding. Its healthy to pursue your dreams and the life you want to live. However, living in the present is more than a cliche. If I don't appreciate my life today, I'll never be content. I'm too fortunate to fall into that trap. Besides, Hailey will not allow that. She just nudged me, its time for our walk.

Update: Bandit, my almost 15 year old dog, passed away a few days ago. He loved to have his ears rubbed and I happily obliged, on our last Sunday together.

Money = Privacy

Money = Privacy

A Scary Reaction Demands Self-Reflection

A Scary Reaction Demands Self-Reflection