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Money = Privacy

Money = Privacy

What does money provide?

How would you answer this question?

My answer came as I sat on a coach bus, on the way to Monterey and Carmel Beach. I traveled to San Francisco for a Brand Innovation Summit, #BrandStrat17, and my wife and I baked in a mini vacation. I've visited California before and wanted to explore its natural beauty this time around.

I found tours to Monterey, Pebble Beach, and Carmel, via coach bus. The mesmerizing ocean views, winding roads, and high cliffs reeled me in. As I checked prices, however, I answered my question. What does money provide? Privacy.


Case in point. For a couple hundred bucks, we appreciated Monterey's beauty in a comfortable coach bus, with an experienced driver... and 52 passengers. For significantly more money, a private tour was available in a lux SUV. As a classic introvert and curmudgeon, my ideal choice is a private tour, but the cost was steep. I debated for 30 seconds, but my fiscally responsible side won.


Two days later, we visited the Castro to take obligatory rainbow flag photos. We took the subway since the fare was cheap. When we arrived, however, the skies opened and a lightning storm ensued. We walked in the chilly rain, hoping it would stop, but to no avail. We gave up and took an Uber back to the hotel since the subway would most likely be crowded. I paid an additional fee for a private ride.

The Home

Money's gift of privacy also applies to home life. We live on a quiet street with a high fenced yard. My previous neighborhood is located Downtown, full of caffeinated people, noisy bars, and communal green spaces. Now, I prefer the outskirts of the city, as it provides more of a quiet environment. An environment where I hear dogs barking in the morning, not folks stumbling home from a night of partying

Questioning the value of money garners numerous opinions. Income, obligations and life experiences all play a role in the answer. I asked my wife and she said, "Money allows you to worry less." If I asked someone struggling to make ends meet, they may mention paying for necessities I consider standard, such as electricity.

My mini vacation crystallized my view of money. Money offers tailored experiences in a chosen environment. As a result, my financial priorities are anchored in the experiences I want now, and in the future.

Tell me your definition of money in the comments below!

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