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10 Things I'm Grateful For (During Winter)

10 Things I'm Grateful For (During Winter)

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I'm not one to fast forward through life, but if it were possible, I would skip to Spring. Winter is a difficult time for me. I struggle with seasonal depression and live on the east coast where winters are brutal. Managing complete darkness at 5 pm, bitterly cold mornings and dogs with pent-up energy can be difficult. My favorite outdoor hobbies are quickly replaced with Netflix binges. This year, however, I changed my mindset. Showing gratitude will combat my sadness. After all, folks have it worse. As January kicks off, here are ten things I am grateful to have, during winter.

1. Feeling the warmth of the fireplace and the coziness of the living room, as soon as I walk into the house.

2. Watching my dog sneak on the bed to lay with me on Sunday mornings.

3. Launching into my Friday night ritual of pajama wear, hearty food, and American Horror Story reruns.

4. Proclaiming to be Dog Mommy of the Year the few times I brave the cold and take the pooch out for a walk.

 5. Witnessing my mechanically inclined wife transform our house room by room. The bedroom is now a calming oasis, far removed from the hectic outside world.

 6. Smelling the scent of new candles throughout the house; a treat for making sure "chore day" becomes a reality.

 7. WFH Mondays - I'm more creative, productive and avoid the Sunday evening blues.

 8. Catching up with loved ones via phone (because I'm not leaving the house).

 9. Engaging in fulfilling work - I had no idea I was still in the office Friday @ 6 pm. Nuff said.

10. Researching getaway beach trips. I'm only human!

What are you grateful for during the winter months? Comment below!

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