The Last Day I Remember

As promised, I followed up with Dr. S to discuss my yellow eyes.

Dr. S said my jaundice (i.e. the medical term for yellowing of the eyes and skin) could be caused by hepatitis or an infection. Blood tests would identify the culprit. I was relatively calm about the potential diagnosis, which is extremely out of character. I am a hypochondriac, who as a child, diagnosed headaches as brain tumors. But not this time. I was feeling better after several years of pain and stiffness. This was just a bump in the road.

After work, my spouse and I headed to our favorite neighborhood restaurant for burgers. I was tired and chalked it up to working a 9-5 gig and trying to build my portfolio as a freelance writer at night. I also did not finish my burger, another rare occurrence, but I blamed it on my upcoming menstrual cycle.

The next morning, I went to get my blood test. As I was waiting, I noticed twin girls, playing games with each other. Those closest to me know that children work my nerves after a short period of time, but the girl's camaraderie was reminiscent of my twin and I. We have a similar bond and at times, the same level of maturity!

I left the clinic on Friday, September 30, 2005. My next memory occurred on October 9, 2005. Everything in between that time frame has been told to me second hand. Acute liver failure would endanger my life, pinning my survival on an unplanned transplantation operation.

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